Economic Empowerment through Street Business School

What more can a women require than becoming self-reliant? Alas, this is exactly what the Street Business School (SBS) curriculum has proved and will continue to be a game changer in women’s circles. About 95% of the coaches who have graduated since Talia Women’s Network started implementing SBS in 2019, are now engaged in viable […]

Talia Case Study 2022

Talia Women’s Network Empowering Zimbabwe’s women and girls Talia Women’s Network is on a mission to empower young women and girls – to enable them torealise their full potential and achieve greatness. A small but mighty charity based inZimbabwe, Talia Women’s Network is vital to the surrounding communities with more than60% of their work based […]

School Feeding Program to End Malnutrition and Enhance Education Outcomes

Malnutrition is one of the major challenges, which characterizes developing countries. Zimbabwe being a developing country is not spared. Due to climate change, there have been erratic rainfall patterns and droughts resulting in food shortages, the most affected being rural areas. According to the Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment (ZimVac) report, the percentage of children receiving the […]