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Economic Empowerment through Street Business School

What more can a women require than becoming self-reliant? Alas, this is exactly what the Street Business School (SBS) curriculum has proved and will continue to be a game changer in women’s circles. About 95% of the coaches who have graduated since Talia Women’s Network started implementing SBS in 2019, are now engaged in viable incoming generating projects. They have realised an 82% increase in income levels.

The SBS curriculum encourages women to start small businesses using what is readily available. The course takes the women through 8 modules, which include:

Getting out of your Comfort Zone;

Business Opportunity Identification;

Finding Capital and Starting Small;

Market Research;

Bookkeeping and Record Keeping;

Business Planning;

Growing your Customer Base;

Money Management.

A unique aspect of the SBS training is the one on one coaching that is conducted at baseline, mid training and at exit. During the coaching visits, the women receive one-on-one assistance on how they can establish and grow their business enterprises. Lives are being transformed as the women gain business management knowledge and increase their confidence to participate in viable value chains.

Talia Women’s Network currently has 4 cohorts being trained in Mashonaland Central, with a total of 314 women. No woman will be left behind as we bring this award-winning entrepreneurship training to transform lives and livelihoods of women in Zimbabwe.

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