Talia Women's network

Zimbabwe Farmer’s Union (ZFU)

Talia Women's Network and Zimbabwe Farmer’s Union (ZFU) partnered in 2013 under the “Fit for Life” program. Talia was mandated to provide Menstrual Health and Hygiene Education for the young women who were being trained at Kushinga Phikelela Agricultural College in Marondera, Zimbabwe.

Our goal was to help the young women reclaim their dignity and to enable them to build successful futures for themselves and their communities. Through our intervention, the young women received training on Personal Care, Hygiene and Grooming. The most important aspect of maintaining good health is good personal hygiene as this prevents the spread of germs and disease.

The young women were able to understand the importance of personal hygiene and good grooming; identify necessary personal hygiene habits; identify good grooming habits; and present a positive and self-confident image. Talia distributed personal care kits to the young women, which included sanitary towels, face towels, anti-perspirant deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, bath soap and Vaseline.

Talia also conducted training on Sexual Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights with the young women. The young women were able to complete their agricultural technical skills residential training; were less likely to get HIV/AIDS or fall pregnant; will likely earn higher wages and successfully educate their own children.

Together, we can bring the change we were called for. Join us on this remarkable journey and help in changing the lives of women and girls out there.