Talia Women's network

Talia Women’s Network Celebrates International Women’s Day in Warren Park

The 8 th of March is International Women’s Day, an important opportunity for everyone to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The theme for this year was #PressForProgress and Talia decided to take the celebration to Warren Park, addressing one topical issue that limits women from progressing in life, that is, health and wellness. The objective of the celebration was to showcase the importance of healthy living for women.

Talia used this commemoration to expand its focus and reach to women in the high- density suburbs and encouraging them to embrace health and wellbeing as a way of life. The “Health & Wellness” Day was a platform for advancing health, wellness, nutrition and all related components for women to shape and influence their choices, practices as well as lifestyles. More than 350 women of all ages from Warren Park and the surrounding areas attended the event. The day was packed with speakers and various activities centred on the key themes – Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles; Breast & Cervical Cancer; Non-communicable Diseases; Wills & Inheritance; Gender-based Violence & Sexual Abuse; and Enterprise Development & Financial Literacy.

The speakers included Dr. John Mangwiro, (President of the Diabetes Association) Dr. Agnes Tererai (Palliative Care Specialist), Mr. Ernest Chimboza (Acting Provincial Development Officer, Ministry of Women & Youth Affairs), Mrs. Kudzai Mubaiwa (Financial Literacy Expert), Ms. Bridget Zhou (Legal Expert), and Ms. Erica Nyangoni (Food Scientist). Mr. Ernest Chimboza, the Acting Provincial Development Officer for the Ministry of Women & Youth Affairs, held an interactive session on the various types of abuses that are considered as gender-based violence and sexual abuse. He responded to several questions and encouraged families to leave in peace. “There is a Victim Friendly Unit where you can report domestic violence cases in a discreet environment.

However, before engaging the law, we also advise that you make use of the family court systems. Above all, we encourage that we all live in peace in our families,” Mr. Chimboza said. Ms. Erica Nyangoni encouraged the women to handle food carefully to avoid contamination, making sure that fruits and vegetables are cleaned thoroughly before consumption and also that all food is cooked properly and eaten while still hot. She advised the women, as custodians of the buying decisions in the home, to read labels and avoid buying food items that have reached the best before date. The women were treated to free medical consultation by a team of medical doctors and these included blood pressure and weight readings. There were various exhibition stands which included a Dairibord nutrition corner, home décor booth, make up by Anaka, SMEDCO, Minerva and Forever Living products. Talia Women's Network Director, Mrs. Saliwe Zakariya commended the women for the huge turn-out and thanked the sponsors, Dairibord and Minerva, for believing in the vision and contributing to making it a reality.

Together, we can bring the change we were called for. Join us on this remarkable journey and help in changing the lives of women and girls out there.