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Egmont Trust

Talia has recently partnered Egmont Trust to implement a skills development program for disdavantaged young women in rural Bindura. The project will focus on technical skills training for the young women, with the understanding that not all the young women are inclined towards setting up agro-based entrepreneurial ventures. Talia will increase the options available to the women to include agricultural technical skills, hairdressing, cutting and designing (sewing) and catering.

New Zealand Aid (NZ Aid)

Talia partnered with NZ Aid in 2016 to implement the “Farming for Progress” project which is implemented based on an economic empowerment model. Under this project, young women in Mashonalalnd Central were mobilised and organised into groups with 15-20 members, that had access to services in the community such as land and water supplies.These groups were used as a vehicle for enterprise formation and members were encouragedto save money together for investment in income generating projects. The major components of the project were:

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