Talia Women's network

Egmont Trust

Talia has recently partnered Egmont Trust to implement a skills development program for disdavantaged young women in rural Bindura. The project will focus on technical skills training for the young women, with the understanding that not all the young women are inclined towards setting up agro-based entrepreneurial ventures. Talia will increase the options available to the women to include agricultural technical skills, hairdressing, cutting and designing (sewing) and catering. Talia will also encourage some young women to cross over to skills in trades previously dominated by males such as carpentry and welding. Talia has established a good working relationship with Zimbabwe Farmer’s Union (ZFU) and will rely on their expertise to offer short courses to the young women on basic crop and animal production before they set up their entrepreneurship ventures.

Talia will also work with local master crafstpersons such as carpenters, welders, and hairdressers to deliver the other technical skills training. In addition to technical skills training, Talia will reach out with life skills training, financial literacy training and sexual reproductive health and rights. Most of the targeted young women have been forced into early parenthood and commercial sex work due to the harsh economic environment and general lack of economic opportunities. Through health awareness campaigns, the young women will be encouraged to go for HIV/AIDS testing and counselling and those who are HIV positive will be registered on treatment programs to enable them to access anti-retroviral drugs. Talia will also engage influential women in the community to be mentors and role models for the young women.

Together, we can bring the change we were called for. Join us on this remarkable journey and help in changing the lives of women and girls out there.